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Smoky Quartz Scepter - sold

Mont Blanc Massif, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France

Size: 10.1 × 3.7 × 2.8 cm

360° video

Complete smoky quartz sceptre with good luster and clarity. Notably, there is a very inhomogeneous spatial distribution of the color centers with higher concentrations in the second crystal generation, i.e. scepter head and erker sections. Minor edge wear and rehealed detachment surface at backside/bottom.

Fluorite & Rock Crystal - sold

Yaogangxian Mine, Hunan Province, China

Size: 3.8 × 2.1 × 1.9 cm

360° video

Mostly clear and lustrous fluorite cube (13 mm on edge) with a green mantle over a colorless core with purple speckles on top of a rock crystal. The transition between the cubical color core and the green rim is sharp and well defined. No significant damage.

Fluorite & Smoky Quartz - sold

Wasenhorn, Bielig valley, Wallis, Switzerland

Size: 5.1 × 4.6 × 4.1 cm

360° video

Lavender colored fluorite octahedra of up to 14 mm edge length with partially hematite coated smoky quartz crystals on granite matrix. No significant damage.

Titanite - sold

Hollersbach valley, Oberpinzgau, Salzburg, Austria

Size: 2.8 × 1.4 × 0.6 cm

360° video

Gemmy, grass-green titanite twin with reddish-yellow color zoning and only minor chlorite coating. No significant damage.

Azurite - sold

Tsumeb Mine, Otavi Highlands, Namibia

Size: 3 × 2.8 × 2.5 cm

360° video

Floater group of prismatic azurite crystals with great luster and the famous "electric" blue. Only one of the numerous crystals in the lower half has a damaged tip.

Spessartine & Smoky Quartz - sold

Wushan Mine, Tongbei, Yunxiao County, Fujian Province, China

Size: 3.8 × 3.3 × 1.7 cm

360° video

Bright orange spessartine garnets grown around a smoky quartz crystal. The quartz has a small nick at the backside of the tip.

Rock Crystal - sold

Mörchnerkar, Ziller valley, Tyrol, Austria

Size: 10.2 × 7.5 × 6.1 cm

360° video

Prismatic rock crystals up to 5 cm with some yellowish iron oxide coating. Only one side crystal (bottom left in first image) has a fresh fracture at the tip.

Azurite & Malachite - sold

Kerrouchene, Khénifra Province, Meknès-Tafilalet Region, Morocco

Size: 3.3 × 2.9 × 1.6 cm

360° video

Floater group of sharp-edged azurite crystals partially altered to malachite. No significant damage.

Amethyst - sold

Orange River, Warmbad, Karas Region, Namibia

Size: 5.4 × 3.5 × 3.4 cm

360° video

Two freestanding scepter crystals with distinct amethyst phantoms towering above a group of smaller crystals. No significant damage.

Smoky Quartz - sold

Wildenkogel, Gschlöß valley, Tauern valley, East Tyrol, Austria

Size: 4.1 × 1.6 × 1.4 cm

360° video

Very clear and lustrous smoky quartz crystal of deep color saturation - extraordinary crystal quality for the locale. There is a small chip and some abrasion around the tip. Old find of the renowned collector Mühlburger Georg.

Amethyst - sold

Mörchnerkar, Ziller valley, Tyrol, Austria

Size: 4.2 × 1.6 × 1.4 cm

360° video

Characteristic scepter and window amethyst from Mörchnerkar. Some traces of abrasion along the rhomb edges.

Fluorite - sold

Wanni Glacier, Mt. Cervandone, Binn valley, Wallis, Switzerland

Size: 2.2 × 2.2 × 1.9 cm

360° video

Transparent, largely colorless fluorite octahedra with a slight greenish hue and some pink speckles. With up to 12 mm edge length the crystals are rather large for this classic Swiss locale. There is some degree of cleavage, but mainly on the back side.

Elbaite & Rock Crystal - sold

Himalaya Mine, San Diego County, California, United States of America

Size: 3.1 × 2.2 × 1.6 cm

360° video

Rose-colored elbaite crystal of 30 mm length ingrown to a rock crystal from the legendary Himalaya mine. The elbaite has a clean termination at the top and sprouts into multiple terminations at the bottom, where it is partially covered by some carbonatic adherent. There are further minor elbaites at bottom and backside of the rock crystal. No significant damage.

Malachite on Copper - sold

Bisbee, Warren District, Mule Mts, Cochise Co., Arizona, USA

Size: 15 x 10 x 7 cm

360° video

Impressive copper geode fully covered inside with forest-green, primary malachite.

Azurite - sold

Aouli, Midelt Province, Drâa-Tafilalet Region, Morocco

Size: 11.5 x 9.5 x 7 cm

360° video

Royal blue and highly lustrous azurite tabular crystals with distinct striations. Individual crystal size up to 3 cm. Unfortunately, some crystals are broken.

Fluorite - sold

Wasenhorn, Bielig valley, Wallis, Switzerland

Size: 4 x 2.5 x 2.5 cm

Cluster of translucent, pale pink fluorite octahedra up to 16 mm edge length. No significant damage.

Titanite - sold

Laperwitzgraben, Dorfertal, Kals, East Tyrol, Tyrol, Austria

Size: 7 x 5 x 4 cm

360° video

Titanite with pericline on matrix from a classic Austrian locale. The titanite crystals measure 18-23 mm with translucent interior. Some traces of abrasion.

!Caution: the specimen is repaired, i.e. the three titanites are glued on!

Fluorite - sold

Dörfel Quarry, Annaberg, Saxony, Germany

Size: 30 × 29  × 17 mm

Glossy fluorite cubes with deep purple color zoning over yellow core. There are some tiny nicks present, backside was on the rock.

Hematite - sold

Pizzo Lucendro, Lucendro Valley, Ticino, Switzerland

Size: 6 × 4 × 3.4 cm

360° Video

Hematite cluster on granite matrix. The hematite forms iron roses (up to 10 mm diameter) as dense stacks of thick blades, i.e. the typical habitus for the southern Gotthard, that partially degrade into small balls. No significant damage.

Rock Crystal Scepter - sold

Feldbach valley, Binn valley, Wallis, Switzerland

Size: 8 × 4.5 × 2.5 cm

360° Video

Unusual rock crystal scepter where both crystal generations exhibit transitional ("Binntal") habit. There is a small nick at the backside of the tip.

Tennantite ps. Azurite & Dolomite - sold

Tsumeb, Otjikoto Region, Namibia

Size: 4.3 × 1.8 × 1.2 cm

360° video

Floater piece of tennantite ps. after azurite with a turquois coating of malachite or rosasite and clusters of yellowish dolomite. No significant damage.

Amethyst - sold

Tong-Kol Mine, Eonyang, Gyeongsangnam-do (Kyongsang-namdo), South Korea

Size: 8 x 7 x 6 cm

360° video

Amethyst scepter head with some rubiginous inclusions. There are some chips present, fortunately pointing mostly to the back. The bottom shows a mainly rehealed rupture surface.

Chalcopyrite, Pyrite & Quartz - sold

Arsenic mine, Lower Rotgülden lake, Rotgülden, Murwinkel, Lungau, Salzburg, Austria

Size: 8.5 × 6 × 5 cm

360° video

Aesthetic piece fully covered with chalcopyrite, pyrite and white needle quartz.

Rock Crystal - sold

Großkessel valley - Zwillingswand - Gödernierkarkopf area, Wald, Zederhaus valley, Lungau, Salzburg, Austria

Size: 11 × 10 × 5.5 cm

360° video

Undamaged floater piece with rock crystals of good luster and a typical composition for the locale. Found by the late Walter Petzelberger in 2007.

Epidote & Rock Crystal - sold

Cavrein Alp, Gronda da Cavrein Valley, Russein Valley, Vorderrhein Valley, Grischun, Switzerland

Size: 11 x 7 x 4 cm

360° video

A thin plate of matrix holds numerous lustrous and in parts water-clear rock crystals up to 30 mm length. Aggregates of green epidote crystals up to 15 mm length are distributed over the piece. Some iron hydroxide inclusions add orange color to parts of the rock crystals. There are some rehealed areas among the rock crystals, but no significant damage. Comes mounted on acrylic base.

Rock Crystal & Schorl - sold

Cavradi gorge, Curnera valley, Tujetsch, Vorderrhein Valley, Grischun, Switzerland

Size: 6 × 5 × 2 cm

360° video

Water-clear rock crystals, some of them doubly terminated, and black schorl needles up to 15 mm length on matrix. The rock crystal on top of the specimen has a rupture at the backside.

Flos Ferri - sold

Barbara Adit, Meiselding, St Veit an der Glan, Carinthia, Austria

Size: 5.1 × 3.3 × 2.1 cm

360° video

Flos ferri sculpture from a historic Carinthian mining area.

Uvarovite - sold

Outokumpu Cu-Co-Zn-Ni-Ag-Au ore field, Eastern Finland Region, Finland

Size: 4 x 3.5 x 2 cm

360° video

Green-veined uvarovite garnets on a matrix of coarse smoky quartz. Some damage to the piece but the display side is still quite showy.

Smoky Quartz - sold

Habach valley, Hohe Tauern, Salzburg, Austria

Size: 6.8 × 3.9 × 3.3 cm

360° video

Light smoky quartz crystal with good luster and transparency. No significant damage.

Faden Quartz - sold

Bächenstock, Rientallücke, Uri, Switzerland

Size: 4 x 3 x 2 cm

360° video

Faden quartz aggregate of lustrous, doubly terminated smoky quartz crystals with a distinct white faden running across. The backside is covered with metallic-sparkling hematite inclusions. No significant damage. The detailed find spot is denoted as point 2.750 m in the Bächenstock south slope, found in 1993 by Frank Woldert.

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